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It’s Here!  Maps, Infographics and Project Portfolio Management

Never thought you’d see this combination?  We’re not surprised.  Only Métier incorporates social into the enterprise with a mashup of familiar interfaces like search and spreadsheets with map technologies and the sleekest infographics.  Let your teams build their workspaces in a limitless canvas and tell their story with custom visual content.

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Benchmark yourself!  Check out Métier’s Worldwide Project Volatility Score

Project volatility?  Similar to stock volatility?  Yes, it is and Métier is the only company who can provide it to you.   Métier offers a benchmarking capability as part of our business management and optimization platform to help you understand this key metric.  This is how modern companies improve.

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Reimagine your enterprise with the business management and optimization platform by Métier.  With Métier’s  platform, you get more than just a powerful set of tools and services.  You get an eco-system complete with patented technologies, 16 years of subject matter expertise and integrated services to help your organization realize the full potential of your ideas.

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Métier’s project portfolio management solution provides 20 all-inclusive tools that are pre-integrated to strategize, design, build, manage and analyze the work that is being performed in your organization.  With a new, customizable user interface, organizations have the ability to build their project workflows in a way that makes them most efficient.  In addition, Métier’s PPM software includes unlimited dashboards, configurable by the end user and designed in a clean; “respect the click” interface.

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How is big data impacting businesses today?  A customer service call leads to a new process.  A tweet leads to a new marketing project.  An internal email thread sparks a product design enhancement idea.  Connecting this data leads to trends, patterns and new business opportunities.  Data is generated at a rapid pace in your organization.  Now is the time to realize its full potential.  Métier’s big data solution provides a structure to visualize your data and gain insight to accelerate competitive growth.

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Turn insight into action with Métier’s business intelligence reporting engine.  The business intelligence, reports and data analytics you get – presented in easy-to-act dashboards and reports – provide you with instant access into how your company is performing.  Métier’s BI engine includes 50 reports for health analysis, strategic decision making and forecast reporting, so that you can always know, up until the minute, how your organization is performing.

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